The Federal Police Advised Tony Abbott To Cancel A University Visit Because Of Angry Students

The education minister and prime minister during the budget speech (Photo: Getty)

Education minister Christopher Pyne says the Australian Federal Police advised him and the Prime Minister to cancel a planned visit to Deakin University.

Authorities were concerned for the safety of the pair, and bystanders, after the National Union of Students called a day of protests across Australia in response to education changes in the budget.

“The advice from the Australian Federal Police was that they were concerned about our safety, but also that they were concerned about the safety of the innocent bystanders who might be impacted upon by the Socialist Alternative,” Pyne told the ABC’s Lateline program.

“And it’s a great shame, of course, in the modern era that this would be the case.”

There were significant cuts to education spending in the budget as well as the removal of fee caps which could see university degrees become incredibly expensive.

“If [Coalition frontbenchers] are there to sell a budget that will savage higher education, we’re not going to cop it on the chin easily,” National Union of Students president Deanna Taylor told the ABC.

Meanwhile, former Liberal MP Sophie Mirabella and Foreign Minister Julie Bishop have also recently been mobbed by students angry about the changes during university visits.

There’s more here.

Here’s the footage of the students mobbing the Foreign Minister:

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