The FBI Let A Banned Russian Oligarch Into The US So He Could Meet With Goldman Sachs

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Apparently there’s a loophole in the law that allows barred foreign citizens to enter the United States. They just need to have a meeting with Goldman Sachs (GS). At least that’s our interpretation of this story.

WSJ: aluminium magnate Oleg Deripaska met with FBI agents in August and earlier this month as part of a continuing criminal probe, according to two administration officials. The focus of that probe couldn’t be learned.

Mr. Deripaska used the opportunity of his recent U.S. visits to meet with top executives of U.S. investment banks Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs Group Inc. The aluminium giant he controls, UC Rusal, is preparing for an initial public offering, a vital part of Mr. Deripaska’s efforts to save his debt-burdened business.

Deripaska was in the country twice this year, secretely until know, on trips arranged with the blessing of the Bureau. In addition to directly meeting with Goldman Sachs GEO Lloyd Blankfein, he also went to Detroit to talk cars.

He’s been lobbying for a long time to enter the country — his restriction is due to allegations of organised crime connection — and he’s even had former Senator Bob Dole pitching for him.

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