Massive Instagram celebrity 'The Fat Jew' is coming out with a 'wine for white girls' this summer

Josh ostrovskyInstagram/ScreenshotJosh Ostrovsky, better known by his Instagram handle @TheFatJewish.

Last year, there was a shortage of rose´ in the Hamptons. This year, Instagram star “The Fat Jew” is determined to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Josh Ostrovsky — The Fat Jew himself — is launching “White Girl Rose´” this summer.

It comes with the tag line “This is so us.”

“Our whole platform is ‘never again,'” Ostrovsky tells The New York Post, who also reports the Instagram star is “collaborating on the wine line with the team behind the Twitter-account-turned-best-selling book, ‘White Girl Problems.'”

Ostrovsky has amassed 4.1 million followers on Instagram, posting memes and jokes (sometimes not his own) to the photo-sharing platform, many of them focused on his love for making fun of white girls.

As for the wine, it’s going to be sold in the Hamptons and in NYC this summer.

The Post reports “Ostrovsky added that some bottles will be sold ‘out of the trunk of my car,’ and advised, ‘Grab a ton of it and pour it on yourself.'”

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