The fastest growing Australian jobs paying more than $100,000

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Global job site Indeed has analysed the Australian market to uncover the fastest growing roles paying more than $100,000 a year.

IT and data-related positions dominate the list with the curiously named “full stack developer” leading the way at number one overall.

Demand for full stack developers, who work in software design, has grown by 1650% over the past three years.

The role needs the skills to work at both the front and back end of web development. The back-end work involves coding at the user sign-in and security levels while the front-end is the user interface, including the visuals.

According to Indeed, demand for these application developers has grown alongside the explosion in use of online apps, including those on mobile devices.

Full stack developer roles command an average annual salary of $101,756.

The increasing use of big data has also seen demand grow for data scientists by 378%, placing the role in second place in terms of growth.

Data scientists have an average annual salary of $113,318. Demand for BIM Managers, who build computerised 3D models in architecture and building, rose 222%.

The fastest growing jobs paying $100,000 a year:

Source: Indeed

Indeed’s analysis also revealed high demand for more traditional jobs, including foreman/supervisors (up 275%), patent attorney (228%), electrical foreman (191%), senior civil designer (84%) and human resources manager (82%).

Chris McDonald, Indeed’s managing director Australia-New Zealand, says the analysis is a useful input for those considering their future career prospects.

“The scale of growth we are seeing in IT and data science points to fertile ground for not only those with the existing skills but also future job seekers seriously considering career pathways and study options,” he says.

Healthy workplaces

The priority now placed on healthy workplaces has seen demand for well-being managers grow by 269% and fifth overall.

These roles attract an average salary of $110,468.

Wellbeing managers are responsible for a range of activities, including the development and implementation of workplace mental health policies, anti-bullying initiatives, parental leave and programs promoting healthy eating, exercise and work-life balance.

Demand for general practitioners or GPs grew by 78% and they are the highest paid on the list with an annual average salary of $155,524.

There was also hot demand for medical officers, psychiatrists and health unit coordinators, up 129%, 170% and 114% respectively.

“The analysis also confirms strong demand for medical professionals where there are talent mismatches in many parts of the country,” says McDonald.

“It is interesting to also see the greater attention employers are paying to the concept of workplace well-being is translating into new, well paid positions for those with skills in these areas.

“Employees have new levels of awareness about what makes for a healthy workplace environment and this goes well beyond old concepts of basic OH and S with expectations of holistic support for their well-being.”

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