Pinterest Competitor, The Fancy, Now Powers $10,000 Per Day In Sales

Joe Einhorn
Joe Einhorn is CEO and founder of The Fancy.

[credit provider=”Bloomberg West”]

The Fancy is a Pinterest-like ecommerce site that now powers more than $10,000 in sales per day.Today it’s announcing a new feature that will rewards users for referring shoppers.

Now, when users share items featured on The Fancy, they’ll be given unique urls. When their posts result in a purchases, they’ll receive Fancy credit.

“We think social commerce is about making money for everyone, not just The Fancy and merchants we partner with,” the company said in a release.

Other ecommerce sites like Amazon also reward customers for link referrals.

The Fancy currently has more than 1,000,00 users who “fancy” images on the site 500,000 times per day.