The Republican Party Is Imploding, And It Puts Us All At Risk

GOP elephant

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The Republican Party platform committee has included a provision banning all abortions, without even an exception for rape or incest. This is basically Todd Akin’s position. (At least the GOP platform doesn’t assert that women’s bodies automatically reject “legitimate” rapists’ sperm.) 

Meanwhile, Romney’s selection of Paul Ryan provides ample evidence to senior citizens (and anyone within range of becoming one) that the GOP aims to eliminate Medicare as we know it and shift health costs directly on to the elderly. Ryan’s selection also shows that the GOP’s budget goal is to harm the poor and reward the rich rather than to reduce the budget deficit. Over 60 per cent of Ryan’s spending cuts come out of programs for lower-income Americans. Meanwhile, his tax cuts for the rich reduce revenues by $4.6 trillion over the next decade while saving the typical millionaire hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.

At the same time, the GOP remains unwavering in its support of state laws allowing or encouraging the profiling of Latinos. And unrelenting in its war against gay rights. 

We’re witnessing the implosion of what was once a great party. Its capture by the extreme right is becoming more apparent by the day.

And it’s not just women, seniors, budget hawks, the poor, Latinos, and gays who are catching on. Americans who don’t fall into one of these categories are becoming alarmed, too — as they should.

Yet although the GOP crackup may bode well for Democrats this coming Election Day, it bodes ill for America. The capture of one of our great parties by fanatics is nothing to celebrate. A democracy needs at least two sane political parties.

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