The wife of a 'Mafia boss' lied about her identity to become a juror and convict an ex-Deutsche Bank broker of fraud

Godfather mafia wifeScreenshot/YouTubeCatherine Conrad says her husband is a ‘Mafia boss.’

People really don’t like crooked Wall Streeters.

One New York woman was so determined to see an ex-Deutsche Bank broker found guilty in a big tax fraud case that she lied about her job, her home, and her husband’s criminal history in order to become a more “marketable” juror and help convict the broker.

The New York Post reports that Catherine Conrad, a 45-year-old suspended lawyer who is also an alcoholic, pretended to be a “law-abiding housewife” and failed to disclose her her Bronx address, the fact that her husband is a felon (who she reportedly describes as a “Mafia boss”), and even the time she was arrested for drunkenly punching a police officer and stealing shrimp from a convenience store.

Conrad hid all this in order to be a juror on the 2011 fraud trial of David Parse, who was convicted along with two lawyers and an accountant for dodging $US1.63 billion in federal taxes, the Post reports.

By lying about where she lived, she also scored an extra $US765 in travel expenses while serving on the jury, the Post reported.

But she blew her own cover with a letter she wrote to prosecutors.

In her defence, Conrad reportedly said, Parse and his cohorts are “frickin’ crooks and they should be in jail and you know that.”

But now, Parse’s conviction has been overturned in a federal appeals court. The other three have already had their convictions thrown out too.

That probably wasn’t Conrad’s plan.

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