The Facebook iPad App Maker: Friendly

I shot this (video below) for my dad, who just got an iPad and just got on Facebook. I helped him yesterday get his account setup. It’s interesting bringing a new family member onto Facebook.

Things we take for granted, like adding a profile photo, are fairly difficult for new social network users. I keep a photo of myself on all my devices so I can get one up quickly, but he didn’t have a photo of himself on his iPad.

Other things I understand deeply that he doesn’t? What happens when you “friend” someone. He had never done it before and didn’t understand the consequences of doing that. He didn’t know his news feed would change, for instance, or that that person would be able to see everything he puts up on his profile.

Heck, we haven’t even started to cover what privacy settings he should change.

Anyway, one problem on the iPad is that there isn’t an official Facebook app. That doesn’t seem to be a problem, right, but because the web page isn’t designed for touch it can sometimes be frustrating.

In this interview I meet the developer behind Friendly, Cyril Moutran, CEO of Oecoway, and we get a good demo of what Friendly does for iPad and we also talk about why he only develops apps for iPad and is sceptical about other platforms, like Android or WebOS.

You can get Friendly on iTunes here.

This post originally appeared at Scobleizer.


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