The Fabulous Life Of Dominique Strauss-Kahn (Before He Was Arrested)


Before he was arrested for sexually assaulting a Sofitel chambermaid, Dominique Strauss-Kahn was living the dream.

He had money, power, and tons of perks came with his international status.

Sadly, if he’s innocent, it will be impossible for him to reclaim his amazing life.

So we compiled what he’ll be missing if he heads to jail.

He's a millionaire

DSK's riches come from a couple of places:

  • A series of well-paying jobs: Deputy Commissioner of the Economic Planning Agency; Deputy (Member of Parliament) to the National Assembly; Minister of Industry and International Trade; corporate lawyer; economics professor at the Institut d'Etudes Politiques de Paris; member of the French National Assembly; visiting professor at Stanford; personal advisor to the Secretary General of the OECD; Minister of Economy, Finance and Industry of France (he managed the launch of the Euro).
  • The IMF: $420,930 in tax free salary from the IMF. (Plus $75,350 as a 'cost of living' supplement from the IMF.)
  • His wife: Anne Sinclair is the granddaughter of Paul Rosenberg, a famous art dealer who had represented Picasso, for example. His (now part of it is Sinclair's) collection is rumoured to have paintings stolen by the Nazis. Click here to see one painting from his collection.

He's been surrounded by beautiful women

And yet he still has a large family


  • Hélène Dumas, who was 18 when DSK married her in 1967. He was 20.
  • Brigitte Guillemette, a communications expert who encouraged DSK to do a makeover in 1983. He shaved his beard, got a new wardrobe, and got rid of his glasses. In 1984, he married her.
  • Anne Sinclair, a TV journalist and his current wife. She flew to New York to visit him in jail.


  • Vanessa, Dumas' daughter.
  • Navy, Dumas' daughter.
  • Laurin, Dumas' daughter.
  • Camille, Guillemette's daughter. Born in 1985.

An entourage of important friends and allies

He's spent a lot on posh grooming

DSK's second wife urged him to do a makeover in 1983. He shaved his beard, got a new wardrobe, and got rid of his glasses. Later, he began maintaining a perma-tan.

Marseilles-born tailor Georges de Paris, who operates a tiny boutique near Washington, DC, says he sold DSK suits that cost up to $35,000. (He also says he's fashioned suits for nine US presidents).

In 2003, he got plastic surgery on a drooping eyelid(s) and had dark spots removed from his face, according to Planet.Fr.

He went to all the fancy parties

Frederic Lefebvre, an adviser to Nicolas Sarkozy, claims to have seem photos of Kahn leaving Les Chandelle, a popular Parisian club with an erotic twist: scantily clad women are seduced by well-to-do men. The Telegraph calls it a 'wife-swapping club.'

In the book 'Sexus Politicus,' the authors say that Strauss-Kahn has dined at the club (click here to see La Chandelle's website).

He's known as 'the great seducer.'

He got amazing travel perks

Air France always upgrades DSK to first class and gives him a special deal: He can board any flight he likes and sit in First Class whenever he needs to.

DSK paid for a $600 per night room in the Sofitel in New York City's Times Square.

He was upgraded a suite that cost $3,000 a night and had its own foyer, conference room, living room, and marble bathroom (with Hermes amenities).

Even his cell phone gets an upgrade: he has 7!

Source: Time

Luxury toys, like a porsche and a mansion

DSK owns:

  • 6-room apartment in an upscale Paris neighbourhood
  • Large apartment in the Place des Vosges neighbourhood
  • House in Marrakech, Morocca
  • House in the Georgetown neighbourhood of Washington, D.C.
  • He was photographed with a Porsche. Different reports say it's his or his main adviser's.

Source: Time

An amazing career

Before the scandal, DSK was:

  • the leading Socialist party Presidential candidate
  • described as the Socialist party's 'favourite' candidate
  • nearly tied in first place in a poll simulating the French Presidential election in March 2011. (Marine le Pen won 24% of the votes. Strauss-Kahn won 23%. Sarkozy won 21%.)
  • expected to 'trounce' Sarkozy in elections by April, according to the Telegraph's opinion polls.

Think that's bad? Raj Rajaratnam's life was WAY better before the government charged him with insider trading.

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