The Fabulous Life Of Superstar Fashion Mogul Michael Kors

The name Michael Kors has been widely celebrated in the fashion industry for nearly three decades and shows no signs of falling out of vogue.

In 2010, he received a lifetime achievement award from the Council of Fashion Designers of America and his company’s stock price has doubled since its IPO last December.

A somewhat rocky start is said to have humbled the designer, who despite his wild success and unstoppable momentum, strives to serve all clients regardless of size, shape, and financial background. 

Yet there’s no denying that this designer is a real divo. He owns 60 sets of Aviator sunglasses and a pair of custom-made crocodile Chucks— And this is just the beginning of the fabulous life of Michael Kors.

To stay trim, Michael starts his day with private yoga lessons

Source: Harper's Bazaar

Or occasionally he orders breakfast from Murray's Bagels, a mainstay near his Greenwich Village apartment

Source: Harper's Bazaar

He absolutely loves all things crocodile and says he even owns a pair of custom-made crocodile Chucks

Source: Harper's Bazaar

Most days, he'll order in sashimi for lunch

Source: Harper's Bazaar

Or if he's in Paris, he'll eat at the famous Joe Allen restaurant where he's likely to run into Marc Jacobs

Source: Harper's Bazaar

Michael regularly hangs out with fashion icons like Heidi Klum and Nina Garcia on the set of Project Runway where he's been a judge since 2004

He continues those friendships off the set as well

Source: Harper's Bazaar

The designer has almost 3 millions fans on Facebook


And has 169 stores in the U.S. and 34 in Europe

Source: Reuters

He owns 60 pairs of Aviator sunglasses, which he switches up depending on his mood

Source: Harper's Bazaar

Michael donates a lot of his money too. The designer recently confirmed a $1 million donation to The Red Cross after Hurricane Sandy

Source: The Examiner

In 2011, Michael and long time boyfriend Lance Le Pere married. Here's the happy couple at the 17th Annual NYRP Halloween Benefit Gala

The pair lives in a chic Greenwich Village apartment designed by interior decorator Glenn Gissler

Source: Harper's Bazaar

Michael vacations in some of the most beautiful locations in the world, like the Singita Lebombo Lodge in South Africa, which costs around $1,565 a night

Source: Vogue

He also loves Barbados and in June 2012 opened a store on the island

He has one of the most extensive lists of clients ever, including A-listers like Michelle Obama

And Angelina Jolie

But the designer wasn't always a successful divo

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