The Fabulous Life Of Marc Newson, Apple's New Genius Designer

Afp apple recruits renowned designer marc newsonAFP/File Daniel JaninMarc Newson is Apple’s latest high-profile hire.

At the beginning of September, Apple announced the hire of industrial designer Marc Newson, a close friend of SVP of Design Jony Ive.

Newson, like Ive, has had his fair share of success leading up to his hire at Apple.

From exotic cars to coveted knighthoods, the London native has already lived a life most of us will only dream of.

Given his friendship with Ive, Newson is heading toward even higher echelons of money and fame.

Then in 1987, he left Sydney and moved to Tokyo. There he met Apple design legend Jony Ive.

He designed this futuristic bar interior there in 1989.

Now Newson works here, at 7 Howick Place, not far from Buckingham Palace.

His apartment is immense and full of his designs. Newson has designed many pieces of furniture.

He's unafraid to decorate his home with striking pieces like this chandelier.

As you can see, Newson is comfortable in his own home.

Newson's ultra-modern master bath probably helps him stay relaxed.

Newson designed this wooden chair and keeps one at home.

He's married and has two children, whom he apparently lets climb on the walls.

Newson's minimalist kitchen reflects the influence of 'The Jetsons' on his design aesthetic.

In 2012, Newson was knighted alongside Jony Ive.

Sir Jonathan Ive, Senior Vice President, Industrial Design, Apple Inc poses with his Honour of Knighthood and designer Mark Newson (right) poses with his Commander of the British Empire (CBE) medal following an Investiture ceremony hosted by the Princess Royal, at Buckingham Palace, on May 23, 2012 in London.

He and Ive are buds with Bono.

They designed this camera together for Bono's (RED) charity auction.

Now that you've seen Newson's charity work, check out the rest of his designs.

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