The Fabulous Life Of Hedge Funder Donald Longueuil (Before He Got Arrested For Insider Trading)

donald longeuil

Photo: The Smoking Gun

Donald Longueil was just arrested as part of the FBI’s insider trading probe, and it turns out that he had a pretty sweet life up until police pounded on the door of his Upper East Side pad yesterday morning.The man with the unprounceable last name (apparently it’s pronounced Long-ail, like airmail or bobtail) was an Olympic hopeful; affianced to a “well-heeled Boston blueblood”; and lives in a $1.725 million condo on East 59th Street.

24 hours later, everything’s changed.

He grew up in the picturesque and affluent town of Fairfield, in hedge fund-heavy Connecticut

After high school he was off to study pyschology at Northeastern

Apart from smarts, he was also a super sportsman. He's a triathlete and almost scored a place in the 2002 US Olympic speed-skating team

Then after gigs at Morgan Stanley and Empire Capital he landed a dream job: he became a junior portfolio manager at SAC Capital

And of course once you score a gig with Stevie Cohen, that's when the money starts pouring in and you buy yourself a $1.725 million Upper East Side condo

Sometime during his rise up the corporate ladder, he also manages to sweep Ivy-league banker, Mackenzie Mudgett, off her feet and they get engaged

And they set the date for a February 26th wedding....

But Don was living a lie! He'd allegedly been trading on non-public, material information for years, and profiting from it. And yesterday it all caught up with him, when he was arrested and charged for insider trading

Apart from securities fraud, he's also been charged with obstruction of justice and his curse-filled rant about destroying evidence by smashing up flash cards and dumping them in garbage trucks, is all over the news

And now he faces up to 20 years in jail, as well as millions of dollars in fines...

Source: The U.S District Attorney

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