The Fabulous Life Of David Karp, 26-Year-Old Founder Of The $1 Billion Tumblr Empire

tumblr david karpDavid Karp, founder and CEO of Tumblr

In 2007, David Karp started a creative blogging platform, Tumblr.

Now, it’s a behemoth. It’s home to more than 86 million blogs and it receives about 5 billion monthly pageviews, according to Quantcast. Recent reports state that Facebook and Yahoo are both interested in acquiring Karp’s company for $1 billion.

For a 26-year-old who’s already worth more than $200 million on paper, Karp lives a modest life. He prefers a night in with his girlfriend to a crazy night out. Most days, he rides a Vespa or walks to Tumblr’s headquarters.

But he’s also traveled the world and enjoys taking fancy cars for weekend getaways.

What’s like being the 26-year-old found of Tumblr? Here’s a look into Karp’s life as depicted (how else?) in his Tumblr blog.

David Karp was born and raised in Manhattan. He dropped out of high school with his parent's blessing at the age of 15, was home-schooled for three years, and joined the work force.

By the time Karp's friends were off to college, he was Head of Product at UrbanBaby, a site CNET acquired in 2006.

Karp used the money from the sale to create Davidville, a consulting company, and to launch his own products. One of them was Tumblr, a simpler way to blog and share things online. More than 86 million blogs have been made on Tumblr and the site generates 5 billion pageviews each month, according to Quantcast.

You wouldn't know it by looking at the slender, 6'1

Karp lives in a 1,700-square-foot, $1.6 million loft in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. But it's really his only splurge. Karp isn't a showy person.

He has a long-time girlfriend, Rachel Eakley, whom he adores, and dog named Clark.

The one splurge in his apartment (besides the apartment itself), was at Rachel's request. It is a high-end kitchen, because she's a chef.

Karp is a world traveller. In recent months he's visited places like Belize and London.

Karp walks or rides his Vespa to work each morning. He opted for a Vespa because it's cheaper than cabs and it's a good first step to owning a motorcycle. He's dabbled in other motor vehicles as well.

Most nights, Karp enjoys something low-key. He and his girlfriend unwind by watching TV, like Top Gear or Futurama. They don't allow laptops in the bedroom.

Other fun facts about Karp: He's into photography (he took most of the employee photos at Tumblr), and he drinks tea, not coffee.

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