The Extreme Road Diet Of TV Presenter Alice Roberts

alice roberts

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Professor Alice Roberts, the researcher and television presenter, reveals her extreme diet on the road.5.45am Sacrifice breakfast for an extra 15 minutes’ sleep. Black coffee. When I’m shooting a documentary somewhere hot, like Arizona, we set off early.

6.15am Travel to a cave in the Grand Canyon. We’re often schlepping around with lots of kit. After a boat ride it takes us two hours to get all the equipment up to the cave.

10am I’m strict about taking nuts and dried fruit with me and, if I have access to milk, small packets of porridge to eat in a break.

1pm Film an interview in the cave then plunder the emergency stash of cereal bars.

2pm Lunch on the road is usually the same as breakfast and tea in remote places – packet meals. I’m veggie and generally get vegetable curry or rigatoni.

3pm. Another cereal bar on the boat.

8pm A big salad at the hotel. After a few days of vegetable curry I crave my husband’s home-made pizza.

Alice is a spokesperson for ‘Walking with Dinosaurs: The Arena Spectacular’, which opens at The O2 on Boxing Day

NIGEL DENBY dietitian

This is nowhere near enough to give Alice everything she needs. Cereal bars, dried fruit and nuts, the odd bit of salad and packet meals don’t make a balanced diet. Of course, these are extreme conditions and it shows that not every programme has swanky on-location catering. She’ll need more than pizza to make up for a few days of this, though.