The extravagant ways tech executives spent their summers

How was your summer vacation?

Probably not as extravagant as the vacations taken by some of the biggest names in tech.

Tech millionaires and billionaires vacation a bit differently from normal people.

From massive island retreats to superyachts, these tech executives’ summer getaways¬†take luxury vacations to the next level.¬†

Vice Media CEO Shane Smith has shelled out $23 million for a massive property in Santa Monica, California.

The 3.3-acre estate has 12 bedrooms and 14,000 square feet of space. It has made appearances in 'Beverly Hills Cop' and 'Entourage.'

When Google Chairman Eric Schmidt isn't holed up in one of his mansions, he's cruising the high seas on his 194-foot yacht, 'Oasis.' He reportedly paid $72.3 million for the boat in 2009.

Brit + Co CEO Brit Morin went to Iceland.

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Virgin Group billionaire Richard Branson owns a Caribbean retreat called Necker Island. Its luxury resort can accommodate as many as 30 people. Branson owns a yacht -- called the Necker Belle -- and a submarine, called the Necker Nymph.

Courtesy of John Dill, MaiTai Global

Former Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz vacations at a 5-bedroom home on Hawaii's Big Island. The 117,00-square-foot lot is surrounded by black lava and a luxury golf course.

Schreibvieh/Wikimedia Commons, Bing Maps

In June, Laurene Powell Jobs, widow to Apple genius Steve Jobs, purchased a two-parcel property in Malibu for $44 million.

Neilson Barnard / Getty Images, REX


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