Bill Ackman On Swimming Naked And Playing Tennis With Soros

Bill Ackman

Bill Ackman gave a speech in Istanbul recently in which he reminisced about the time he swam naked, illegally, in the Bosphorous.

The speech was written up by a Turkish news outlet and Google translator has an embarassingly terrible English version, so we’re putting our trust in Insider Monkey’s account of what Ackman said.

Apparently, in his younger days, Ackman found himself on the Bosphorus, sans swimming trunks, with the strict law against swimming naked in Istanbul flashing “Warning!” before his eyes, and he decided to go for it anyway.

Seconds later, he was skinny dipping in the Bosphorus.

From Insider Monkey:

When asked why he swam naked, Ackman responded “’cause I didn’t have a swimming suit!”

But that was 20 years ago. Now, a more mature Ackman plays tennis with the famous hedge fund manager George Soros every week.

Ackman also told listeners that his office is in the same building as George Soros’ and that they play tennis frequently.

And, Ackman lets Soros, 84, win.

Ackman said:

“Most people don’t understand Soros. I learned so much from him, and I’m still learning. Every week we play doubles tennis, and he always picks the right partner (not me!). Considering that he is such a successful investor, this does not surprise me at all”.

Wise move.

We’ll note that Ackman went from enjoying things like wildly abandoning legal decrees to preferring to let a finance legend win at tennis, demonstrating his evolution from choosing sporting activities that are daring and fun, to ones that are a good career move.

The good news is maturity doesn’t suck that much. Tennis is really fun. The bad news is you (probably) can’t catch Bill Ackman (probably) swimming naked these days.

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