The Entirely Predictable (But Still Horrific) Jobs Number

Everyone is shocked, shocked that the unemployment and jobs numbers came in much worse than “expected.” But those expectations were way too optimistic to begin with. Economists, who almost entirely failed to see our financial catastrophe coming, still seem to have no clue how bad things are…or how bad they are going to get.

At our most cynical moments, we get feeling that people people keep coming up with rosy predictions because they think they can jawbone the economy into behaving better. Speaking the truth is almost irresponsible, according to the “wishing will make it so” strategy.

Last night on Cody Willard’s Happy Hour, Brian Carney (yes, another brother; I apologise for having so many brothers and talking about them so much today) predicted 250,000 job losses. Watch how Eric Bolling reacts with shock and awe.


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