The emerging Australian jobs being created by data analytics and artificial intelligence

Wang Zhao/AFP/Getty Images

Australia’s education, skills and job markets will rapidly transform over the next decade, creating new types of jobs, according to the latest research by the Commonwealth Bank.

The bank’s Jobs and Skills of the Future Report uncovers the next stage of digital disruption.

The report, authored by futurist Ross Dawson, details how advances in data analytics and artificial intelligence are driving the formation of new education methods, skills and capabilities.

Here are some of the new jobs likely in 2030 :

  • Bionic interface designers will help humans control robots and technology for physical tasks;
  • Emotional experience experts will work closely with technologies to design customer service experiences that are emotionally engaging;
  • Sense-makers will assist executives, customers and individuals to make decisions;
  • Health and fitness optimisers will focus on making everyone healthier including tracking health and predicting when advanced care will be needed, helping busy people keep fit at the office and motivating them to stick to personal health goals;
  • Data insights miners will uncover insights to help individuals and managers, presenting their findings so they can be readily understood and acted upon.

“As a result of our desire to become more digitally connected, we will continue to experience social shifts, generating a multitude of opportunities for those who are keen to create value from these new connections,” says Ross Dawson, futurist and author.

The report identifies a number of capabilities and skills Australians will need in the future including design thinking, analysis, financial acumen and relationship building.