Game Of Thrones' Economy Is Being Examined In Surprising Detail

Courtesy of HBO

Slate economics writer Matthew Yglesias has written a series of articles examining the fictional economy of Westeros; the world in which HBO’s ultra popular Game of Thrones takes place.

The articles take a look at the wealth of the show’s major houses, and examine topics such as whether House Tyrell is in fact richer than House Lannister, the market value of dragons and the Lannister’s investments in sovereign debt.

Some call economics the ‘dismal science’, but these articles appear to be an attempt to prove that economists have a sense of humour as well as a taste for fantasy; Mr Yglesias may also be hoping that for some, the articles will provide a window into the usefulness of economics in the real world.

The latest article takes a look at the difference in wealth equality between House Stark and House Lannister, and how that difference is affected by the regional differences in climate.

Mr Yglesias has also written about the economy underlying the popular Hunger Games novels. Surprisingly, he’s not the first to do something like this; in April, Centives published an examination of the economy of Mordor (a fictional region in the Lord of The Rings trilogy.)

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