The Housing Market & Economy Are Making People NOT RICH ENOUGH To Get Divorced

Seriously! What’s the new vow, until an up housing market and a 10,000 plus Dow do we part? Geez.

Miami Today: With failed marriages, the housing situation has led not only to a slowdown in divorce closings as unhappy couples wait for a house to sell, but also to those couples cohabitating because they don’t have enough assets for two homes.

“It’s definitely affecting dissolution cases,” said Judge Joel Brown, administrative judge of the family division of the 11th Judicial Circuit of Florida.

“Often times the divorce settlement is contingent on dividing up the proceeds from the sale of the house,” he said. “Sometimes the families cannot afford to live separately.

“In other words, there is not enough savings and not enough money for them to go out and get other housing.”

Through the first eight months of 2007, 11,355 divorces occurred in Miami-Dade County. This year, there were 9,824 through August — about a 13.5% drop — according to numbers provided by the county.

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