It's Pretty Nuts That The Economist Has Endorsed The Muslim Brotherhood In This Weekend's Egyptian Election

Muslim BrotherhoodMuslim Brotherhood

The Economist has a big endorsement in its upcoming print edition (also online) for the Muslim Brotherhood’s Muhammad Morsi in this weekend’s Egyptian presidential election.That said, they don’t sound too happy about it, calling him a “dreary” and noting that no matter how slickly they repackage themselves, “a strain of intolerance runs through them, particularly in religion”.

We’ve noted before that many people have grave doubts about the Muslim Brotherhood — not least their relationship with Iran.And, as Art Cashin notes, the Arabic world’s largest nation potentially becoming a theocracy is no joke.

However, Morsi is the least worst candidate, as they say. His rival, Ahmed Shafiq “would be a throwback to repression”, the Economist writes.

And, what a throwback it is. As the Economist notes, the entire situation is still in flux. Shortly after they went to press with their endorsement, it was announced that the Egyptian parliament, dominated by Islamists like (and including) the Muslim Brotherhood had been dissolved, — and it’s looking a lot like the military and Mubarak cronies could be holding a coup.

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