The economic destiny of the whole world in one excellent slide

This slide, produced by French bank Societe Generale as part of a presentation to clients on its investment ideas will scare some, terrify others and please in some unexpected quarters.

It shows the expected economic growth rates for all of the world’s economic regions.

Latin America has not had a great year at all, with some previous stars like Brazil and Argentina both rocked with political and economic strife.

Meanwhile, the Eurozone and EMEA, which includes some parts of Europe and the Middle East, have shrugged off their gremlins and bounced back from the turbulence that has brought down everyone else.

The bad growth news will continue into next year for much of the world, as the US growth rate falters, China continues to slow and Asia creeps towards the 2-3% growth rate that the developed world calls home. The Eurozone, however, looks to be fully back to trend growth:


The fun really begins in 2017, which we are only starting to see forecasts for. The US will have fully retreated from this years’ highs, leaving just Latin America, Europe and the Middle East to pick up the pieces.

That is, of course, if all these forecasts are to be believed. Seeing how much revisions these charts already show, a grain of salt please.

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