The Easiest Way To Keep Your Company Blog Fresh

rotten tomatoes

One of the most important elements of a company blog is making sure your content is always fresh.

But, for a busy CEO, this can also be the most challenging part.

A recent post from PR Junkie suggests a very simple way to ensure that your blog gets regular updates:

Strike out into your organisation and take pictures of employees, locations, stuff, whatever, and then post one picture a day to a blog. Employees will check it to see what’s going on at the company—and if they’re featured on the blog—while external audiences can take a peek inside your company.

If you’re really ambitious, you could use a Flip Cam and shoot one video a day. Or, you could write—yes, write—one story a day that you, or someone else, digs up in your company.

Read the entire post at PR Junkie >

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