The Driving Force Behind Hulu Just Got Another $200 Million To Play With

cherninap022409Peter Chernin (R) and Jack Baur

When he was the COO of News Corp, Peter Chernin was the driving force behind that company’s participation in the joint venture that is Hulu.He’s left the company since then, and founded his own: the Chernin Group. It’s a hybrid of a company: part traditional production house, part new media investor.

The Chernin Group is the production company behind the last Planet Of The Apes movie, the Fox sitcom New Girl. It’s also invested in an Asian digital media company called CA Media, as well as American startups like Tumblr and Pandora.

Expect Chernin to make bold moves with the money. That’s his MO. Last fall, for example, he and Providence thought about teaming up to buy Yahoo.

PEHUB has the press release >

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