The Dreamliner Investigation Will Now Focus On The FAA's Approval Of The Jet For Flight

NTSB boeing dreamliner investigation battery

Photo: NTSB

The National Transportation Safety Board is expected to announce its investigation into Boeing’s Dreamliner passenger jet will focus on the decision by the Federal Aviation Administration to approve the plane for flight.The top investigator said the probe will look at “the assessments that were made” by FAA officials, the Wall Street Journal reported.

At a news conference Thursday in Washington, D.C., the NTSB plans to say its investigation into a Dreamliner battery fire in January has revealed gaps between reported battery testing, and findings from the burned battery from the JAL plane in Boston.

On January 16, the FAA issued an emergency airworthiness directive for the Dreamliner, after a battery malfunction led an All Nippon Airways flight to make an emergency landing.

The NTSB investigation has focused on the lithium-ion batteries used in the place, believed to be the source of a fire in a parked Japan Airlines Dreamliner in Boston on January 7.

The FAA has approved a one-time “ferry flight” for the 787, so one grounded jet can be moved from Texas to Everett, Washington, where Boeing is based, on Thursday.

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