16 Awesome Anecdotes About The Dream Team And Its Megastar Players

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As the U.S. Olympic basketball team prepares to win its second consecutive gold medal in the coming weeks, the team that started it all is getting some extra time in the spotlight.In the eyes of many, “The Dream Team” remains to this day the greatest group of stars ever assembled on the same team, in any sport. It featured 11 future Hall of Famers and one of the greatest college basketball stars of all time.

And although that magical group of 12 is still revered worldwide, much of what went on behind the scenes in the build up to and during the 1992 games had remained mostly unknown. Until now.

We just finished reading Jack McCallum’s excellent Dream Team: How Michael, Magic, Larry, Charles, and the Greatest Team of All Time Conquered the World and Changed the Game of Basketball Forever


It’s filled with amazing stories, some we had never heard before, others we simply didn’t know all the details of.

Jordan was a great ping pong player, but Christian Laettner beat him often

The players had a lot of down time in Barcelona, during which they did little more than stay at their hotel.

They played cards, drank beers, played pool, and just hung out with their families, mostly. But ping pong games became especially competitive. And if Jordan was playing it went even further.

Except Laettner was better than him, no matter how hard Jordan worked at it.

An even bigger surprise? NBA Commissioner David Stern was Laettner's 'toughest opponent by far,' the former Dukie admits.

Source: Dream Team

Boris Stankovic was a former European pro basketball player and coach turned meat/cheese inspector who came to the U.S. to study the American game during the 1970s. He quickly realised the best players in the world had to participate in the Olympics ASAP.

Although it took a while for Stankovic's dream to come true, it wasn't David Stern or the NBA's brain child as many have come to believe.

Source: Dream Team

Michael Jordan had incredible amounts of power. He even had a say in who made the team

USA Basketball committee member Rod Thorn (same guy who drafted MJ) made it clear to McCallum that 'no one would be on the team if Jordan didn't want him on the team.'

Magic Johnson admits as much too:

'Michael was all about who was going to be on the team. It was more important...no, make that just as important, for Michael to have a good time as it was to play games.'

Source: Dream Team

Sharp-shooting guard Chris Mullin had no idea Charles Barkley even played basketball the first time they met

Michael Jordan once injured Patrick Ewing by putting him in a headlock

He was goofing off with Patrick Ewing during preparation for the 1984 Olympics when he got the taller, future Knicks star in a big headlock.

Ewing describes what it was like not being able to even move his neck the next morning:

'So I sat out, man, Coach Knight was mad. But only at me. Michael? Nothing happened to him. Nothing ever happened to Michael.'

Source: Dream Team

The most glaring Dream Team exclusion was Isiah Thomas, primarily because Jordan didn't want him there

But there was an influential person who could've argued for his inclusion but chose not to.

Detroit Pistons GM Jack McCloskey may have quit the USA Basketball committee in protest of Thomas' exclusion, but he never pushed for his inclusion at any point in time, either.

Source: Dream Team

Writes McCallum:

'He didn't explain why. He didn't have to. The Celtics were the white team and Bird the white leader'

Source: Dream Team

Clyde Drexler still holds some resentment toward Magic regarding his Dream Team and 1992 NBA All-Star Game inclusion

In a jarring quote, Drexler said, 'Everybody kept waiting for Magic to die. Every time he'd run up the court everybody would feel sorry for the guy, and he'd get all that benefit of the doubt.'

He added that he would have won MVP of the '92 All-Star Game if it hadn't been for Magic.

Source: Dream Team

McCallum writes that head coach Pat Riley eventually sucked all the fun out of LA and many of its stars were boring to begin with, i.e. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and James Worthy.

Meanwhile, Boston's practices were open to media. Players were usually real loose and just 'winging it.'

Source: Dream Team

Scottie Pippen had the unlikeliest journey to The Dream Team out of everyone

Everyone on The Dream Team was bound for greatness from an early age. They were all can't miss amateurs with one logical end game: basketball stardom.

Pippen, on the other hand, was a late bloomer who played college ball at a small NAIA school via a work-study grant, not a full ride at a big time school. When the Bulls drafted Pippen in the early first round, many figured they had severely reached for him.

Source: Dream Team

The key to Dream Team head coach Chuck Daly's success can be summed up in this one Coach K anecdote

Daley told his assistants, 'The first thing I want you to do is learn to ... ignore.'

There's no telling how effective this attitude was, seeing as the players' many off the court and practice antics did nothing to derail their gold medal hopes. It has also proven invaluable 20 years later as Coach K leads a new group of NBA players to Olympic gold.

Source: Dream Team

David Robinson was the clear outsider on this team

As much as he tried to be just one of the guys and take part in all of their horse play and jock antics, Robinson never quite fit in.

He never had the same 'thirst-for-blood' competitive spirit guys like MJ, Magic, Bird, and Barkley did.

His strong religious faith, although never presented to his teammates in a preachy way, also kept Robinson from joining 'the club.'

Source: Dream Team

No one put The Dream Team's dominance and star power into greater perspective than Charles Barkley

Barkley on having to guard Brazilian superstar Oscar Schmidt:

'Ooh, Oscar Schmidt! I'm shaking in my boots. I guard Larry Bird and James Worthy and Kevin McHale and Dominique Wilkins and a dozen other guys during the season. Why the fuck would I be worried about Oscar Schmidt?'

Source: Dream Team

To this day, Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski tears up when remembering the respect Michael Jordan showed toward him when he was an assistant on The Dream Team

'Michael didn't have to do that. It was his way of saying, 'You're important and none of that other bullshit means anything. We're all on the same team.'

That 'bullshit' being Jordan's deep love for UNC and hatred toward rival Duke.

Source: Dream Team

The most popular t-shirt at the 1992 games was not anything featuring The Dream Team

Instead, Lithuania's 'stoned-out, psychedelic masterpiece splashed with the nation's official colours of green, red, and yellow and anchored by the Grateful Dead's skeleton symbol' t-shirt reigned supreme.

Lithuania only got to the games thanks to funding from small time donors and one big contributor: THE Grateful Dead (pictured), who commissioned the t-shirts in support of the team/country's recent independence from the Soviet Union.

Source: Dream Team

If you think things were always super rosy with this group, think again. There were enough prima-donnas on this team to spell eventual doom

The Dream Team has always been viewed as this perfect group that meshed without any issues, but Larry Bird says that isn't quite the case.

'If we would've been together another two weeks, we would've had some problems. You could sense it. You could hear it. 'Oh, man, I only got to play fifteen minutes.' 'Oh, man, Chuck didn't use me enough.' I always told everybody, 'Damn, it doesn't matter. We're winning by 40 points. Hell, Michael Jordan's only playing 20 minutes.' Yup, I was glad it was over when it was.'

Sounds more like those 'I want mine' Olympic teams from 1996 and 2004, no?

Source: Dream Team

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