Your Childhood Dream Job Has A Lot To Do With Your Current Success

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When children aspire to work in a certain profession, those dreams aren’t so childish. According to a report published today by LinkedIn, childhood dream jobs give a sense of true passions and talents. 

“What we have a genuine interest in is, in the vast majority of cases, tied to what we’re good at or have a competency for — even if it’s something we have to practice or train for to become skilled,”  Nicole Williams, LinkedIn’s career expert, told us.

“We don’t generally enjoy doing what we don’t have an inherent ability to do.” 

Out of those surveyed in the report, 30.3 per cent said that they currently have jobs closely related to their childhood dream jobs.

“You need to ask yourself ‘what was it about this childhood dream job that got me so excited?’…the ‘why did I want to do that?’…’what was I hoping to accomplish?’…that can help you to get the spark back into your current job,” Williams said.

“Even if the package is different, if can you tie yourself and your career to the fundamental why or passion that you were connected to as a kid, you’ll experience more success.”

The report said that the top childhood dream jobs for males are:

  1. Professional or Olympic athlete (8.2 per cent)
  2. aeroplane or helicopter pilot (6.8 per cent)
  3. Scientist (6.8 per cent)
  4. Lawyer (5.9 per cent)
  5. Astronaut (5 per cent)

And the top childhood dream jobs for women are:

  1. Teacher (11.4 per cent)
  2. Veterinarian (9 per cent)
  3. Writer, journalist or novelist (8.1 per cent)
  4. Doctor, nurse or emergency medical technician (7.1 per cent)
  5. Singer (7.1 per cent)

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