THE DOWNLOAD: PepsiCo Has Built An Awesome "Mission Control" centre To Track Social Media About Gatorade

There is a general understanding that social media (Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, etc.) is the future of brand building and marketing, but few companies are taking full advantage of its power.

PepsiCo has built a Mission Control centre for its Gatorade brand, which sole purpose is to analyse and drive conversations about the hydrating beverage on every social platform that matters.

We interviewed PepsiCo’s head of digital Bonin Bough at our Social Media Analytics conference this week about how the company built this marketing centre of the future, and whether it is paying off.

Bough explains how the Mission Control centre separates valuable feedback from the chatter, how educating a targeted audience drives sales, and how all marketing jobs will eventually become social media jobs.

Watch below.

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