9 Signs That The Double Dip Is Dead


Photo: Calculated Risk

This morning’s initial jobless claims data seemed to confirm a bit of a pattern of modestly improving numbers on the labour front. If this holds, it will be a huge relief.But it’s not just the jobs data that’s showing signs of life (again). There are others signs that the double dip may be off the table.

Granted, the double dip might not be “dead,” but you’d be a fool to ignore some emerging positive signs.

Let’s consider them.

The ISM came in stronger than expected

As Credit Suisse has pointed out, a mid-recovery soft-patch in new orders is actually totally normal.

The Rail Industry, a key predictor of real economic strength, is doing nicely.

The Baltic Dry Index has come surging back

Weekly initial claims have come dipping back down

The Stock Market, a leading indicator, is looking strong again

The Chinese stock market -- which is very much tied to the US -- is also very strong

Existing home sales are so low, they may only have one way to go (up)

Treasuries yields are starting to break out

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