THE DOG HOUSE: Inside Zynga's New Digs, Where Work Is A Game

Zynga headquarters Z entry

Photo: Matt Rosoff Business Insider

Zynga opened its new San Francisco headquarters to the press for the first time today.At an event called Zynga Unleashed, CEO Mark Pincus and other Zynga executives announced 10 new games and vague plans to create a social gaming network.

He also talked about the new offices. He said that he wanted to make sure the lobby was an interesting place — not just wasted empty space like in a lot of companies — and was proud of the cafeterias spread throughout the building.

We also heard that the dog run on the roof is going to open soon, but it’s still under construction.

We didn’t get to see the whole place, but the lobby was open and we got a quick a tour of the floor housing the team that built Mafia Wars 2.

You enter the lobby through this glowing tunnel.

It's like walking into the future.

This reflective arrow points you in the right direction.

Here's a view of part of the lobby. Check out the Winnebago.

Sorry, that's ZYNGABAGO.

It looks like the real thing inside.

Kitchen and everything.

Speaking of kitchens, here's the espresso station in the lobby. They brew Blue Bottle coffee, one of SF's finest local brands.

There are different stations for different kinds of foods. The mac and cheese ballz were delicious.

And of course, sodas.

Look up, and this is what you see. It looks a little grim.

Here's another view of the terraces.

But remember -- the building is new. They're already starting to cheer the place up with art displays like this Farmville mural.

More art. The blue screen below is the main lobby, where the press event happened.

Zynga CEO Mark Pincus was the MC.

Dogs were invited to the press event, and this bed was provided for them. But we saw only one reporter actually bring his dogs.

At one point, Pincus invited the entire staff to come out and say hello. There are 1,700 people working in this building.

Afterward, we explored some more. Here's a stairwell down to the basement.

Looks like this room is called the Well.

It's only partly finished, but it looks like a game room with some booths.

Next, it was up the elevators for an official tour.

This is where Mafia Wars 2 was made.

A promotional poster for the game.

The place was full of toy guns. At least, I think they were toys.

This guy had two on his desk -- the black one up front and a clear plastic one next to his monitor.

There was confetti and play money on the floor from the launch celebration yesterday.

The team was still working -- the game just launched -- and didn't seem too eager to have photographers around.

Dogs are encouraged. This is Juliet, a French bulldog.

The place is full of high-tech video screens, which are used to test games.

Finally, we were escorted past the cafeteria on this floor -- no pictures -- and sent down the stairs. Some workers were taking a break on the landing.

Here's one last view of the Zyngabago and the Play sign in the front lobby.

Now, take a look at what former SF Mayor Gavin Newsom called the best offices in the city...

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