The "Disgusting" Way AOL Supposedly Fired People Yesterday

tim arianna

Photo: Arianna Huffington’s Twitter stream

An ex-AOLer reached us this morning to say he thought it was “disgusting” the way AOL handled layoffs yesterday.According to this guy, people got fired in groups of 20 to 30.


Managers had no clue if anyone on their teams were getting laid off. They were called into a separate meeting as a diversion, and then those being laid off were called into another and axed in a big group setting.

They pulled 20-30 people into a conference room and told them they “Don’t have roles at aol anymore.” [Severance is] 1 week for every year worked.

It’s really quite appalling.

Managers came back after their meeting to find out people on their teams were gone.

Managers weren’t told beforehand or asked who on their team should go if necessary. And nobody knows how the hell they picked who got laid off, as some of them were absolute top performers in some cases 50-75% of some of the most successful teams/sites AOL has.

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