A bakery in California came up with a creative way to serve milk and cookies

A bakery in Southern California has created a convenient and tasty way to enjoy milk and cookies together: cookie shots.

The Dirty Cookie serves “shots” of flavored milk in a variety of dense, edible cookie cups.

The cookie cups come in three main flavours: chocolate chip, cookies & cream, and red velvet. There are also special flavours like pumpkin, s’mores, Matcha, lavender-lemon, and caramel apple.


Each cookie cup is made by hand, and coated with Belgian chocolate. The chocolate rim and its toppings compliment the chewy texture of the cookie and smoothness of the cream.

The Dirty Cookie Matcha

The cups are then filled with house-made Madagascar Vanilla Cream and Chocolate Cream, made from organic whole or almond milk. 


Customers can then pour the milk cream into the cookie cups and enjoy a delicious bite of milk and cookies.

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