Here, In 11 Words, Is The Best Explanation Of The Difference Between Steve Jobs' Apple And Tim Cook's Apple

Daisuke Wakabayashi at the Wall Street Journal has a big take on how Tim Cook has changed Apple.

Towards the top of the story, a former Apple employee gives a perfect explanation of the differences between Cook’s Apple, and Steve Jobs’ Apple: “Steve was a wartime CEO, while Tim is a peacetime CEO.”

When Jobs returned to Apple it was on the brink of death, so he had to be an aggressive, attacking leader. He was an underdog fighting to establish Apple as an important technology company.

Jobs succeed, and now Apple is the most valuable company in the world.

But being the most valuable company in the world needs you should act differently. You’re no longer the underdog, and things that are ok for an underdog seem arrogant for the leader.

Cook has shifted the company to be a bit kinder, and gentler says Wakabayashi.

Another former employee explained Cook by saying, “The only thing that Steve cared about was creating great products. The company, the employees were only there to facilitate that goal. Tim is much more worried about everything at the company.”

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