This is the difference between a tuxedo and a dinner jacket, according to the tailor who claims to have invented both

Roger Federer knows how to wear a tux. Stuart C. Wilson / Getty
  • One of the oldest tailors on London’s Savile Rowe told Business Insider some surprising facts about the world of suits.
  • Simon Cundey, Managing Director of Henry Poole & Co, claims that the tailor invented the dinner jacket.
  • He said there’s actually no difference between the dinner jacket and the tuxedo – and the different names came about due to their location in the world.

From doing your homework to choosing the right fit, there’s plenty to know when buying and wearing a suit.

It’s also important to know the difference between certain styles.

Business Insider caught up with Simon Cundey, Managing Director of Henry Poole & Co – one of the oldest tailors on London’s Savile Rowe whose clients have included former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, supermodel David Gandy, and even Her Majesty the Queen – and we discovered some surprising facts about the world of suits.

One, according to Cundey, is the fact that the only difference between a dinner jacket and a tuxedo is the suit’s location.

Cundey said the dinner jacket – or the tuxedo – first came about when Edward VII, later the king of the United Kingdom, decided in 1865 he was “tired of wearing tails at dinner by himself.”

“He asked Henry Poole to come up with another evening dress, more relaxing,” Cundey said. “[Poole] lowered the fronts, cut the tails off, and made it into a lounge dining jacket for him.”

Here’s a tuxedo being made inside Henry Poole:

Henry poole tuxedo

The same jacket was then copied by another customer named James Potter, according to Cundey.

“He had one made here and went back to his native address just outside of New York, called Tuxedo Park.

“One or two other customers who also dressed here began to have them made as well, so they became known as the Tuxedo Boys.

“That’s why we have the name dinner suit for London, and Tuxedo for USA.”

Here’s what the suits looked like back in 1886…


…And here’s what a typical tuxedo from Poole looks like today:

SP1tuxedo copy

According to Cundey, there’s no difference between the two.

“It’s two words separated by land, formed by two different sides,” he said. “That’s another claim to fame that started its origins at Poole.”