The Deputy PM Made It Clear A Second Sydney Airport At Badgerys Creek Is Likely

Getty/Ian Waldie

In an interview with the ABC, Deputy Prime Minister Warren Truss made some encouraging comments for anyone who wants a second airport for Sydney.

Truss, while not confirming anything, pretty much alluded it was likely Badgerys Creek in the city’s west would be the site.

Here’s some of what he said, from the ABC:

“A number of people have suggested alternatives but all of them seem to have problems.

“It was the site that was chosen a long time ago and it is still obviously the frontrunner. There’s no perfect site for a second airport.”

According to the report, a final decision is unlikely until early next year, though Truss said the Government wanted to get moving with a call. And he also said the Prime Minister was behind the proposal.

“He has often spoken of his wish to be remembered as the infrastructure Prime Minister and, of course, a second airport in Sydney will be a very important piece of infrastructure.”

There’s more here.

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