Michael Dell, Adam Dell, Marc Benioff Get “Power Lunch”, Post It To Hashable

Michael Dell

Marc Benioff, Michael Dell and Adam Dell (Michael’s brother and a VC) just had lunch. We wonder what they talked about.

How do we know about the lunch?

Because Adam Dell posted about it on Hashable, the new LinkedIn-meets-Twitter service in New York that recently raised a big round with Union Square Ventures.

Hashable is a “personal CRM” tool that allows you to post real world connections to Twitter or the service, and facilitates making introductions, and it seems to be getting good traction.

Early adopters were vital to Twitter’s early growth, and power business users to LinkedIn’s, so maybe this early endorsement is a sign of much bigger things to come for the young startup.

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dell hashable
The Hashable post, retweeted by Hashable Founder Mike Yavonditte