The Switch From Grilling Witnesses To Tossing Pizzas Made Them Millions

California Pizza Kitchen Screengrab

At some point everyone dreams of leaving their job for one that will result in fame and fortune, or at least fortune.

Lawyers sifting through papers at 2 a.m. probably dream this more than most.

Larry Flax and Rick Rosenfeld made that dream come true.

Following a “gruelling” 1985 trial that ended in a hung jury, the defence attorneys threw in the towel and opened the old-school oven, founding California Pizza Kitchen.

The Wall Street Journal has a quick Q&A with two about the ups and downs.

At first they faced the “lawyers make terrible businessmen” conundrum when banks were hesitant to loan them start-up money. ┬áSo they asked friends to become shareholders, and those friends’ investments paid off mightily.

Do the two ever miss the thrill of the courtroom? ┬áTheir answers were a short and decisive “Not at all” and “Never.”

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