The Debate Over Tax Cuts For The Rich Is A Symbol Of All That's Great About America

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The hottest debate right now in America is about whether or not the rich should get to keep the tax cuts that Bush gave them.Some of the arguments are really annoying and silly and tiresome, but actually the debate represents what’s great about America.

One of the pitfalls of any democratic system is that it’s easy to legally scapegoat minorities.

There’s an old joke that’s been attributed to many different people: “Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for dinner.”

So we have various safeguards in place like the Constitution designed to avoid this kind of vote, and to protect minorities, but there’s always the risk that the majority will scapegoat the minority.

We normally think of minorities in terms of race or religions, but by definition the rich are a minority.

And it’s almost shocking that the majority wouldn’t INSTANTLY support a tax hike on this tiny minority. Think about it 97% of the people would benefit from more pain on 3% of the population — and not even a sympathetic 3% of the population.

But we’re not like that. Even when the minority is people making $250,000/year, it’s like pulling teeth to go after them.

God Bless America.

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