The Debate Is Already Over And Gingrich Won

newt gingrich attack ad

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CNN’s moderator John King began tonight’s debate by asking Newt Gingrich about accusations by his ex-wife that Gingrich asked her for an open marriage.And Gingrich just unloaded every bit of anti-media bile he could on him. 

He said he was “tired” of the media trying to protect Barack Obama by attacking Republicans. And he scolded John King personally. 

The audience gave him an enormous and long standing ovation, while he delivered it. 

It was obvious that Gingrich was ready for the question, and absolutely ready to pounce all over it. The surprise here is that his accusation that the media makes it “harder to govern” this country, and harder to attract “decent” people was so easily swallowed by the audience from a twice-divorced, two-timer like Newt Gingrich. 

But they loved it and it will be the most memorable moment of the debate, if not the entire primary campaign. 

Here’s the video