SOCIAL MEDIA INSIGHTS: The Death Of The Social Media Strategist

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The Death Of The Social Media Strategist (
It’s hard to figure out what to call this job having to do with social media marketing. If all we talk about is social media we’re talking about 8 per cent of the total marketing budget. There are plenty more online channels that could fall into our bucket (email, search engines, online ads), but as a line item, it’s easy to see how social is often not the first priority. But the bottom line is this: social media is part of the mix, but it is not the solution. As a single channel, social will deliver very little in terms of ROI. Here’s the good news, as part of a coordinated program (where social feeds email, and SEO, and online ads) social media can be the accelerator.  Read >>

wheel of distruption

Why The Future Of Business Is Shared Experiences (Social Media Today)
Jeff Ashcroft and @TheSocialCMO host the popular #MMchat (Marketer Monday) every week. It’s a rapid fire exchange and makes for exciting dialog in real-time. Check out some of the questions and answers:Q: Why are experiences more important today than ever before?
A: When people ask questions for advice or direction, shared experiences are the result. In social, they’re more important than ever.

Q: Seems like everyone is talking about disruption. You’re saying disruption is more than just social media, can you elaborate?
A: Social is just one part of disruption. I call it The Wheel of Disruption and it includes big data, mobile, real-time, etc.

The full transcript including all responses, questions, and answers is here. Read >>

social business strategist

What Makes A True Social Business Strategist? (InSites Consulting)

A true social business strategist is someone who is … social! If you’re not interested in other people, their behaviour, and the things that motivate them, you have no business being a social business strategist. The days that money was invested in a nice-looking Facebook or LinkedIn campaign are long gone. A true social business strategist will make sure that their social initiatives eventually contribute to the business goals of the organisation; these being more income, less expenses, and greater customer satisfaction. Read >>What To Expect From The Facebook Event Today (The Huffington Post)
What can we expect? Below, we’ve collected all the rumours and speculation in one place, for your convenience. Get ready, friends: Facebook’s about to poke the smartphone business with something special.

  • Facebook Home: an Android-based operating system
  • A Facebook Home Phone from HTC hardware
  • A lot of explaining as to why you’d want one

If Facebook can make a compelling case, its long-gestating smartphone and smartphone operating system will prove a worthy pursuit; if not, then it could go down as just one more thing Facebook users request a dislike button for. Read >>

SEC: Social Media OK For Delivering News (Business Journal)
It used to be that if you were interested in learning about a public company, you had to dive into a filing from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, but not anymore. According to the commission, executives of public companies eager to share market-moving news can now share it on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.  Read >>

Are Social Networks Created Equal? (ExactTarget)
As a marketer, it’s your job to keep up with new technologies that can help drive your business forward. With social media, it can be a challenge to keep up with the changing landscape that includes Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr, Reddit, Flickr, and more every day! And what’s worse, most social media teams are still very small. Even some of the largest brands in the world have surprisingly small and very busy teams. The most successful brands focus on one or two networks that best suit their audience. Read >>

Questions To Ask Before Taking Your Brand Social (Business2Community)
Social media can be powerful if executed properly. If done carelessly or ineffectively it could have a negative impact as well. Here are some questions to ask prior to jumping in:

  1. What is your goal with social?
  2. Are you B2C or B2B?
  3. What is the social nature of your brand and products?
  4. Can you commit long-term?
  5. Do you have the resources and technical ability to execute?
  6. Are your customers loyal?
  7. Can you offer a promotion or incentives?

Ask yourself these questions before getting involved with social media. Read >>

Angry Birds Friends Will Soon Fly From Facebook To The iPhone And iPad (Redmond Pie)
Angry Birds started out as a simple title for the iPhone, but in just a few short years, has evolved into one of the biggest mobile franchises the world has ever seen. Of the 60 million installs of Angry Birds Friends on Facebook, one quarter, or 15 million, are classified as monthly active users. It has been quite a while since Angry Birds Star Wars descended on the App Store, and with Angry Birds Friends being a social-accelerated title, I wouldn’t be surprised if it quickly becomes the most popular version to date when it gets to iOS, barring perhaps the original. Rovio’s embrace of social gaming has been relatively slow all things considered, but with the seeds already sown for this one over at Facebook, it probably won’t take long for them to make up for lost time. Read >>

The Social Sixteen Of March Madness (ViralHeat)
Did you know the University of Miami has been the most social Sweet Sixteen school in this year’s NCAA Tournament? Read >>

march madness infographic

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