THE DEATH OF THE PC: A Full Report From Business Insider

Wintel Monopoly Destroyed (Old PCs in the background)


The modern Internet was invented 30 years ago this month.Since then — especially over the past 15 years — the Internet has become the world’s dominant platform.

For a long time, the only platform worth a developer’s time was Windows. Because of the Internet, which all personal computing devices. hook into, that’s not the case anymore.

Meanwhile, mobiile devices like smartphones and tablets have taken the world by storm. Apple launched the iPhone six years ago. Three years later came the iPad. Google sold its first Android phone in 2008, five years ago.

Is the PC dead yet? And if it is, who are the winners and losers?

With data from ComScore, Nielsen, NPD, our own surveys, and a host of other sources, we’ve come up with a full report … and answers.

BI Intelligence is a new research and analysis service focused on mobile computing and the Internet. Many of the charts and data in this report are available for download from the BI Intelligence library. Please sign up for a free trial here.

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