earth hurricane small

From the time the market started rallying last March, sceptics have been warning of a coming storm ahead.

Today, it felt like we experienced it. As one market pro put it today: This was real.

Here are the key highlights:

  • The 15 sovereigns at risk of collapse >
  • 20 reasons the economy can’t recover >
  • Morgan Stanley: We can’t believe how fast the euro unravelled >
  • The Dow crashes through 10,000 >
  • It’s a good thing you’re hedge with gold >
  • The crazy action in leveraged ETFs >
  • TALEB: Everyone should be short treasuries >
  • The countries short-sellers are abusing >
  • Commodities hammered >
  • Moody’s: The US debt is vastly understated and on course for a downgrade >
  • Portuguese debt disaster bludgeons the euro >

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