'WAKE UP, YOU LITTLE...' Dad Wakes To Hear A Man Talking To His Little Girl Through Her Internet-Connected Baby Monitor

There is a new trend in technology called “the Internet of things.”

All your household electronics and appliances are getting connected to the Internet, everything from your lights to your thermostats.

In the long-run, connecting these things to the Internet will provide all sorts of conveniences and efficiencies.

But there is a dark side to the Internet of Things.

Forbes, for example, just published a story by Kashmir Hill about a man named Marc Gilbert who woke up on the night of his 34th birthday to hear a sound coming from his 2-year-old daughter’s bedroom.

Gilbert says he heard a man saying to his daughter: “Wake up, you little slut.”


The voice was coming through her Internet-connected baby monitor.

Hill says the hacker probably found the baby monitor through a search engine called Shodan, which indexes the “Internet of Things” the way Google indexes the regular Internet.

Shodan can find all kinds of stuff: webcams, traffic lights, glucose meters.


Hill says the key to protecting yourself against invasions like the one Gilbert went through is to never buy an Internet-connected gadget that is not password protected. Also, if you buy one that comes with a default password and user name, change it immediately.

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