An Incredible Tour Through The Dark Side Of Hong Kong



Investors love Hong Kong. The former British colony ranks as the third most important global finance centre and is rarely associated with chaotic mainland China and the property bubble.But don’t for a second think Hong Kong is 100% clean and modern.

The Dark Side (an anonymous local blog) prepared an incredible guide to the underbelly of HK’s 18 districts.

Their work is reprinted with permission.

Wanchai – HK Island

Southern – HK Island

Had a population of 290,240 in 2001. The Southern District faces the China Sea at the south, and is backed by hills and reservoirs -designated as Country Parks- at the north. The eastern half of the district is semi-rural, with some of Hong Kong's most popular beaches. In 2008 a screwdriver was thrown from a flat which ended up embedded in the shin of a very unlucky woman.

Photo credit: Hugo Poon

Yau Tsim Mong – Kowloon

Wong Tai Sin – Kowloon

This is the only landlocked district of the city and has a population of approx. 500.000 people. The district has the least educated residents with the lowest income, the oldest residents and the second highest population density. In 2008 a hiker was attacked by a group of wild dogs, and got injured as he attempted to run away from them. What to take away from this? Don't hike.

Yuen Long – New Territories

Around 500.000 inhabitants. The district has the youngest population of Hong Kong and the lowest income in the New Territories. Yuen Long New Town was developed from the traditional market town of Yuen Long Town from the late 1970s. In 2009, a 21-year-old man stole HK$ 2,000 from a prostitute, but forgot to take his underpants and wallet when he left her Yuen Long apartment. He returned and attempted to call a truce, offering to return the money in exchange for his property. The 38-year-old hooker refused and captured him with the help of five neighbours, also prostitutes. They called the police and pulled his pants down to prevent him from escaping. Pwnd!

Tai Po – New Territories

Like Yuen Long, the area of Tai Po used to be a traditional market town and it has a population of around 300.000. A married police officer was arrested in 2009 after he got caught dressed only in a pair of fishnet tights in a Tai Po country park after midnight. A woman saw the officer, 49, standing in a bush, dressed in the tights and with his mouth covered by a piece of tape. She called the police. When officers arrive at the scene, they discovered a dildo and women's underwear in his car.

Islands – New Territories

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