This 'Dark Knight Rises' Contest Is Giving Out Over $13,000 In Prizes

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For the last few weeks, viral marketing for movie blockbusters has been on the rise.As we countdown to Friday, “The Hunger Games” viral marketing took the Internet by storm, we’ve seen a new trailer for “The Avengers”—along with some new stills from the film yesterday—and “The Amazing Spider-Man” launched a new website.

With two of the three big summer blockbusters kicking into marketing overdrive, the caped crusader’s been lying pretty low—until now.

“The Dark Knight Rises” launched a design contest Monday inviting fans to create an original T-shirt for what may be the summer’s most anticipated film. 

Graphic shirt distributor Design By Humans (DBH) is running the contest that will award 10 finalists with cash and prizes amounting to $13,000.   

First through fifth place will receive cash prizes and 12 T-shirts while the rest of the winners will get the option to sell their artwork to DBH at an undisclosed price (still sounds like a pretty sweet deal).  

First place: $3,500
Second place: $3,500
Third Place: $2,500
Fourth Place: $2,000
Fifth Place: $1,500

There’s more: the final three winners will be hand selected by Nolan himself! 

The rules are pretty strict, but the rewards sound pretty awesome. If you want to use a Bat logo, there’s a specific one to use and designs with Two-Face, The Joker or Scarecrow will face instant rejection. (Come on, they’re not even in this film.)  

Here are the contest guidelines:

1. If the logo is to be used, artist must use the official Bat emblem from The Dark Knight Rises as provided in this link.
2. Interpretations of “The Dark Knight Rises” versions of Batman, Catwoman, Bane and other Batman elements are allowed.
3. Two-Face, The Joker or Scarecrow are not allowed and will be rejected. 
4. All submissions are reviewed by Design By Humans and Warner Bros.
5. Read the DBH submission Terms of Service.

If you’re interested in signing up, or want to see more details, read more here.

“Dark Knight” fans have until April 11 to come up with their wittiest design. 

News of the contest comes on the heels of director Christopher Nolan showing the first final cut of the film to Warner Bros. execs this past weekend. 

The film comes out in theatres July 20. We’ll leave you with the latest trailer for inspiration.

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