"The Dark Knight" a National Mania: Even 6AM Shows Sold Out

As The Dark Knight hits theatres today, it’s selling out across the country—even those early morning shows.

Deadline Hollywood Daily: Here is the most recent sales info regarding Batman: The Dark Knight: Fandango, the nations leading movie ticket sellers, says it appears to be selling between 9 and 10 tickets per second for the pic. More than 2,000 sold-out showtimes. Add that to MovieTickets.com’s 1,600 and you’ve got close to 4,000 performance sell-outs! I’m told 1,700 of the sell-outs are for showtimes between 12:01 AM and 8:00AM Friday. And the number of locations in North America where the comic book caper will be playing — 4,366 — is an Industry record. There are sold-out shows through the weekend from Washington D.C. to Puyallup, Washington, and in towns like Bozeman, Montana and Fitchburg, Wisconsin. I can report that 6:00AM shows are scheduled in bif cities and small, from San Diego to Hazelwood, Missouri, and Tigard, Oregon, etc.

And it’s the same for IMAX whose massive sell-outs extend beyond New York’s Lincoln Square 13.

Warner Bros sources tell me that Imax has 1,600 shows in all U.S. screens for this weekends opening of Batman: The Dark Knight. As of 5PM Wednesday, 1,400 of those shows were sold out.

So, since it’s highly unlikely you’ll be seeing The Dark Knight this weekend, we’ve embedded the awesome, “exclusive” Domino’s trailer to tide you over—now viewed by more than 300,000 people on YouTube. Wonder how many bought the required pizza?



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