The Dallas Cowboys Remain The NFL's Most Valuable Franchise

Forbes.comhas released its annual NFL franchise valuations and the
Dallas Cowboys are once again on top, valued at $US2.3 billion.

The New England Patriots are second at $US1.8 billion, followed by the Washington Redskins ($US1.7 billion) and the New York Giants ($US1.6 billion).

In all, 23 NFL teams now have a value of at least $US1.0 billion, up from 20 in 2012. The average value is now $US1.2 billion.

At the other end of the spectrum, the Oakland Raiders are now the least valuable franchise in the NFL, valued at $US825 million. Last year’s least valuable team, the Jacksonville Jaguars, jumped up to no. 31 ($US840 million).

The Cowboys’ value rose 10%, up from $US2.1 billion a year ago. The St. Louis Rams had the largest one year jump in value, with a rise of 12% from $US780 million to $US875 million.

Here are the 10 most valuable franchises. See the full list at….

  1. Dallas Cowboys — $US2.30 billion
  2. New England Patriots — $US 1.80 billion
  3. Washington Redskins — $US1.70 billion
  4. New York Giants — $US1.55 billion
  5. Houston Texans — $US1.45 billion
  6. New York Jets — $US1.38 billion
  7. Philadelphia Eagles — $US1.31 billion
  8. Chicago Bears — $US1.25 billion
  9. Baltimore Ravens — $US1.23 billion
  10. San Francisco 49ers — $US1.22 billion

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