The Daily Show's Hilarious 'Outrage' About Vietnam Vets Denied Health Benefits Is Perfect

Jason Jones of The Daily Show was nothing short of outraged when he found out that Vietnam veterans were denied health care benefits because of PTSD.

“So let me get this straight,” Jones says in Tuesday’s episode, “these guys went to Vietnam, where they got PTSD, which led to them getting a less than honorable discharge, now they can’t get treatment for their PTSD, on account of the discharge they got from Vietnam.”

Jones sums it up, “I think there’s a military term for that.”

At which point a clip plays from the classic movie “Catch 22” (adapted from the book of the same name).

What Jones doesn’t exactly specify is that the vets were not technically discharged for PTSD. Here’s the real Catch 22: veterans with PTSD often act abnormally, which leads to discharges for stuff like “failure to obey orders.

John Christoffersen of The Associated Press recently reported on one vet’s successful lawsuit against the government to get his discharge overturned, in large part because he’s seeking medical help for the same combat-related mental anguish which led to his discharge.

There will likely be more of these absurd Catch 22s, which Jones evidently had a field day with, watch:

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