'The Daily Show' went to a Trump rally, and it's like the bitter election never ended

Donald trump rally the daily show comedy central‘The Daily Show with Trevor Noah’/Comedy Central‘Daily Show’ correspondent Jordan Klepper speaks to supporters at a Donald Trump rally in Nashville.

“The Daily Show” correspondent Jordan Klepper continued his series of visits to Donald Trump rallies, this time now that Trump is president. What he found was that not much has changed for his supporters.

Though Trump has been president for more than two months, he has already begun campaigning for 2020 in a way. His rallies are funded by his 2020 campaign, which collects donations and sells merchandise benefiting the campaign at the rallies.

Klepper hit a Trump rally in Nashville, Tennessee, and spoke to Trump’s supporters. The first order of business was finding out why Trump is holding campaign rallies at all.

“This is still happening. Why is this still happening?” Klepper asked one rally attendee. “He’s running for president while he’s president and not doing presidential s—.”

“Don’t say that,” the man answered. “He’s done a lot of presidential s—.”

“It feels like old times. It feels like we’re on the campaign trail,” another supporter said, echoing Klepper.

Bitter sentiments from the presidential campaign emerged again. Klepper found attendees in t-shirts with unflattering apparent references to Hillary Clinton, calling her “that b—-.” And when finding out what issues Trump supporters care about, he found people still focused on locking up Democrats, whether it’s Hillary Clinton or former President Barack Obama.

When asked what Obama should be “locked up” for, one woman responded, “sedition and treason.”

And just as Klepper felt he found one supporter who had an optimistic plan for the future — getting homeless off the streets —  the man blurted out, “And Michelle, that’s a man,” referring to Michelle Obama.

Watch the video below:

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