THE DAILY SHOW: Pundits Agree That Osama Bin Laden Killing Defines Obama Presidency… Until It Doesn’t Next Week


Will the death of Osama bin Laden be the defining moment of President Barack Obama‘s stint in the White House?

The pundits seem to think so.

Of course, they always seem to think everything is a defining moment. 

The Daily Show pointed this out on Thursday night.

A list of things that were called “defining moments” by pundits in the recent past: Lame Duck session, deficit speech, Egyptian Revolution, tax cuts, McChyrstal comments, BP oil spill, GM bailout, Afghan troop surge.

Chris Matthews, amazingly, had two different opinions about the bin Laden situation within a five-minute span on his show.

“That’s Chris Matthews, asking himself the question that he himself had answered, five minutes earlier on his own program,” Stewart said. “Although in his defence, it’s hard to keep a thought in a head that large.”

And then there is Ed Schultz, who can make a defining moment out of anything: Unemployment benefits, social security reform, healthcare bill, 2010 State of the Union, public option, BP oil spill, Arkansas primary, Citizens United, mining safety, deficit speech.

The ultimate takeaway: “It could be and it will be… until Obama’s no-holds barred death match with Kim Jong Il on the moon.”

Video below.

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